your complete facility service contracting powerhouse

We provide a rapid, qualified response to everything in, connected to and associated with your facility anywhere.

A hybrid contractor with one primary function: Serve the needs of our valued customer. With a commitment to excellence and with the support from our suppliers, we deliver our products and services through the ViZYON Platform to the satisfaction of our customers.

ViZYON, The Smart Facility Ecosystem powered by Noontide is a connected network of stakeholders, occupiers, facility-related applications, products and complex services delivered on a single, intuitive platform that puts the focus where it should be, the customer!

A New World

Ubiquitous and beyond robust

ViZYON is designed to meet the requirements of multiple end-users in The Smart Facility Ecosystem by delivering a unique perspective for their world view. ViZYON goes beyond the operation and maintenance of the buildings and grounds and the utility infrastructure. ViZYON’s Smart Facility Ecosystem is unleashing powerful network effects and creating value through coordinated activity.


A New Way


The Founding Partners of Noontide are of different ethnicities, nationalities and gender. Diversity and inclusion are embedded in the very foundation of the company. This is not a goal we aspire to achieve someday; Diversity and inclusion is our DNA and these values are central to our mission and to our impact. It enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. This creates an environment that unleashes innovation, and allows our people to perform at their very best. Our success has been innovation and re-imagining the world we live and work in. As a minority and women owned enterprise we are committed to the principles of inclusion and diversity.