Noontide was incorporated in 2007 to participate in the development and construction of several major resorts in The Bahamas. At the time, the resources did not exist in one place for an optimal successful outcome for these large-scale developments. Forming partnerships both locally and all over the world with suppliers, vendors, skilled and unskilled labor and delivering these services to a specific site on a remote island was the beginning of what would become the Smart Facility Ecosystem. The power of the budding ecosystem focused service as a solution to customer problems yielded solutions that created value which helped shape future economic and social development for all.


Noontide - Diversity is in our DNA

The Founding Partners of Noontide are of different ethnicities, nationalities and gender. Diversity and inclusion are embedded in the very foundation of the company. This is not a goal we aspire to achieve someday; Diversity and inclusion is our DNA and these values are central to our mission and to our impact. It enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward top talent. This creates an environment that unleashes innovation, and allows our people to perform at their very best. In the words of one of our Founders

“Be YOU, because everyone else is already taken!”

Our mission

is to create a universe of archipelagoes containing Smart Facility Ecosystems. Each Smart Facility Ecosystem empowers the customer by connecting the physical facility environment to diverse powerful networks of stakeholders, occupiers, facility-related applications, products and complex services. By organizing and delivering all the data uniquely to each user from one single, intuitive platform, ViZYON the Smart Facility Ecosystem is re-imagining facility services and creating better outcomes for people, facilities and the planet.

Our Mission — Noontide Services Corporation
Our Vision — Noontide Services Corporation

Our Vision

Our ViZYON is to create Smart Facility Ecosystems that connect everything and everyone and simplifies the complexities of Facility Management and places the focus on where it should be…the customer.

Our Values

Serve the needs of our valued customers with a commitment to excellence, one transaction at a time, building a foundation of trust within all the interdependent relationships in the Smart Facility Ecosystem with an aim to produce better results for people and planet.

Our Values — Noontide Services Corporation

Focus Is On the Customer

Who We Serve

Noontide serves the commercial real estate service industry. We bring ViZYON to each facility and to each facility related asset, to fixed and mobile fleets and to enterprise processes within a facility. Our customers have portfolios ranging from one location to tens of thousands on multiple continents.

Noontide Leadership

Our diverse group of leaders is the backbone of our company. They lead by example, continually promoting our values and beliefs, fostering ethical conduct, supporting diversity and ensuring the safety of the public, our customers, vendors, and employees.

Mildred Murphy


Mildred is an entrepreneur and a top-level executive with extensive international experience. She is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders of Noontide. Her entrepreneurial spirit and a genius for creating inclusive solutions underpins her accomplishments. In addition to her business career in construction, real estate, renewable energy and manufacturing she has also been a personal advisor to a President and represented his Nations interests in Washington DC and around the world. She is the epitome of courage, passion and has a deep sense of caring for people. Her philanthropic efforts in Haiti began after the earthquake in 2010. To this day she spearheads efforts to bring electricity to communities which have never had electric power. In her home country of the Bahamas she has a charitable foundation which empowers women.

Richard Sills

Chief Operating Officer

Richard joined Noontide in 2018. He is the Chief Operating Officer and oversees global operations. He is involved in all aspects of operations from labor relations to transitioning new accounts.
Richard has an extensive background in construction, facility maintenance and automotive mechanics having the distinction of being a licenced automotive mechanic in the Province of Ontario at the age of 16. He has worked on many business development projects throughout North America, including designing and building custom ‘golf carts’ for major sports facilities and celebrities such as John Daly, and the ‘The Friendly Giant’ Robert Homme. He was also the personal mechanic for the hockey legend Gordie Howe. His passion for service has allowed him to hone the tools to organically grow the company.

Tim Lindvig

Chief Financial Officer

Tim joined Noontide as Chief Financial Officer in early 2021. Tim has extensive senior financial experience with multi-site and multi-national organizations, including Commercial, Hospitality, and Residential Real Estate portfolios valued over $6 billion. Prior to joining Noontide, he led many initiatives including the implementation of leasing, pricing, performance, and syndication systems, driving broad efficiencies and large cost savings. He instituted algorithm-based pricing across 65 properties and participated in financing deals in excess of $200 million.
Tim’s in-depth knowledge of the facility service industry combined with his extensive financial experience underpins Noontide’s financial strength. Tim holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance, Investments, and Banking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Alex Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

Alex first started with Noontide in 2013. He became Noontide Chief Technology Officer in 2019. Before working for Noontide, Alex served as a CRM and ERP consultant developing over 100 major software solutions for small to enterprise-level companies. Additionally, he created customer/consumer-facing frontend integrations and websites for these solutions that reach hundreds of thousands of unique users.

Alex’s extensive practical project management and CRM experience combined with his highly-developed business-process knowledge provide the foundation for Noontide’s ViZYON’s Smart Facility Ecosystem Platform.


Director of HR

Chris joined Noontide as Director of Human Resources in early 2022. Chris has worked with multi-site and global fortune 250 organizations in the supply chain, manufacturing, and transportation industries. Prior to joining Noontide Chris led HR teams in multi-billion-dollar public and private organizations helping to improve people and business alignment by growing and developing teams. Chris’s strong belief in customer service mirrors Noontide’s belief in their people. Chris holds a Bachelor’s in human resource, and Masters in people management with emphasis in labor relations from Bellevue University.


Michael O’Brien

Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Michael is an entrepreneur and a top-level executive with extensive international experience. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Noontide. Michael has experience in Facility Services, Construction, utility sized Green Energy developments and municipal smart grid developments. In addition, Michael established one of the largest concrete companies and one of the largest concrete utility precast structure companies in the Caribbean. He is responsible for creating and implementing short term and long term strategic goals and change management activities for Noontide.