Value is attached to a myriad of concepts. Noontide created ViZYON, the Smart Facility Ecosystem to replace traditional value chains with new procurement options which incorporate and leverage big data and IoT into a platform to create applications with a focus on customer and user engagement.



Honest, ethical, adaptive, responsive and transparent. These are the pillars of ViZYON. By collecting human and machine data from the ecosystem and delivering the data in applications in which the user frustrations are replaced with user empowerment.

HEART — Noontide Services Corporation


It’s all about working together. ViZYON is about interdependent partnerships. Partners working together to unlock mutual value creation for the benefit of the customer. A customer who understands what’s good for them and the planet.

Customer Focused

Everyone who is connected to ViZYON knows the goals of the ecosystem. The connected organizations have a culture that enables them to learn fast from their environment and adapt.

Customer Focused — Noontide Services Corporation
Securing Better Outcomes — Noontide Services Corporation

Securing Better Outcomes

Safety, security, and reactive layered interconnectedness ensures survival in The Smart Facility Ecosystem.

Ingenuity, Passion and Leadership

Designed to take advantage of volatility, ViZYON was created and assembled in flight under constant stress, experimentation and learning. It is focused on finding customer problems and delivering customer centric winning solutions.

Ingenuity, Passion and Leadership — Noontide Services Corporation