Noontide ViZYON, the Smart Facility Ecosystem is a customer-centric platform that provides full visibility where none existed and empowers users, networks and applications. Noontide ViZYON creates value by embracing the domains of regulation and policy with the fundamental needs of facility-related stakeholders and their occupants and creating applications to solve business problems. By harnessing the talents of all participants, adding code, software applications and infusing a culture of learning and development Noontide ViZYON the Smart Facility Ecosystem is perennially evolving and adapting to the needs of our customers.


Noontide Vizyon Workflow Accelerator

Noontide ViZYON Workflow Accelerator is an integratable Business Process Management System (BPMS) which turns your work order process into Noontide ViZYON standardized workflows that can be used to supercharge your organization’s workflow capability. Noontide ViZYON and Noontide ViZYON Experts ensure rapid response and resolution by organizing and coordinating WO/PO, tracking  progress against structured way points and KPI’s to provide accountable and verifiable results each and every time. Outstanding customer experience is no longer the exception, it is the Noontide ViZYON Rule.

Noontide Vizyon AM - Asset Management

Noontide ViZYON AM is the only asset management tool you will ever need in your Smart Facility EcosystemNoontide ViZYON AM tracks every imaginable asset whether it be HVAC equipment, fleet vehicles, photocopiers or business process equipment. Noontide ViZYON AM is extensible, secure and integratable. Noontide ViZYON AM is a foundation application in the Smart Facility Ecosystem and is preconfigured for integrations of applications such as life cycle management and financial reporting, sensors, tags and other IoT devices.  These are your assets, see them your way with Noontide ViZYON AM.

Noontide Vizyon - Compliance Hub Interactive (V-CHI)

Noontide ViZYON Compliance Hub Interactive gives you real-time insight into your obligations relevant to your facility and facility related assets, fixed and mobile fleets as they relate to the jurisdictions they are located within and much more. V-CHI is fully integrated with Noontide ViZYON AM to streamline and focus preventative maintenance programs. Noontide ViZYON Compliance Hub Interactive engages and interacts with  Stakeholder Audit and Safety Committees and  Compliance teams to evaluate their compliance with standards, frameworks and regulations.  V-CHI identifies gaps and suggests remedial tasks that will help drive continual improvement and business continuity.

Delivering better outcomes.

Noontide Vizyon Fulfillment

Transparency is essential for the proper functioning of The Smart Facility Ecosystem. The customer is dependent on reliable and timely information about the facility,  performance of the facility and of its assets. Noontide and its Noontide ViZYON Experts provide verifiable deliverable completion reports using the Noontide ViZYON Fulfillment application to our customers on every single WO/PO.  Informed customers are empowered customers. Empowered customers make better decisions for people and the planet.  



Noontide ViZYON, the Smart Facility Ecosystem is dependent on consumables to keep it functioning.  Pleni-ViZYON Fulfillment is responsible for replenishing and inventorying and if necessary the proper disposal of consumables for the ecosystem required for its continual operation and enjoyment by the occupants. Pleni-ViZYON Fulfillment is integrated with other Noontide ViZYON applications and with the Noontide ViZYON intuitive platform delivering real time information that empowers the customer.

Noontide Vizyon - NSC Secure Site

NSC Secure Site is an advanced, next-gen, multi layer security system to administer site attendance and much more.  Built on the Vizyon platform, NSC Secure Site triggers real-time notifications from the Vizyon platform to connected stakeholders when events such as the arrival of scheduled NSC Secure Site approved techs and Noontide scheduled deliveries arrive.